Governor Okoth Obado says his security detail has been withdrawn

Governor Okoth Obado says his security detail has been withdrawn

Migori County Govenor Okoth Obado now claims that his security detail has been withdrawn, an allegation that the County Commissioner Boaz Cherotich denies.

Speaking to Radio Ramogi on Wednesday, Obado termed the move as a high-level form of dictatorship and asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene on the security situation in Migori.

The besieged governor who is facing graft charges questioned the predictions of ODM Chairman John Mbadi who had earlier on claimed that security chiefs in the region would be reshuffled.

According to him, there was a sinister motive as to why the security chiefs had been reshuffled three days later.

At the same time, Obado condemned what he now terms as threats and intimidation, saying it was confusing as to why his case was attracting so much attention and uniqueness.

His statement comes against a backdrop of reports that officers attached to the Migori County Speaker Boaz Okoth had been withdrawn.

Speaking at the county assembly offices on Wednesday, the speaker claimed the withdrawal was politically motivated by people opposed to Governor Obado’s impeachment.

He also claimed that unknown people had broken into his Nyikendo home on Tuesday night forcing him to flee for cover.

A planned tabling of the impeachment motion flopped for the second time on Tuesday after the speaker claimed his life is in danger.

”Members allow me make a personal statement to go on Hansard that the Governor succession politics has permeated to the floor,” he explained.

He then went on to say that his security details had been withdrawn and his house attacked within an hour of the security withdrawal.

He claimed it was the second time he had been attacked in what he says is an escalation of Governor Obado succession politics.

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