Governor Kivutha fact-checks Kalonzo Musyoka on Mwingi Water Project

Governor Kivutha fact-checks Kalonzo Musyoka on Mwingi Water Project

Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana on Thursday fact-checked Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka who appeared to be taking credit for the Mwingi Water Project.

Taking to Twitter, Kalonzo claimed credit for the project, saying in no uncertain terms, that he had sourced funds from Italy to finance the project.

“Growing up with water as a scarce resource in the Eastern region, I knew that a sustainable water source would impact the lives of those who elected me to serve. I sourced funding from Italy to create an elaborate water system resulting to the growth of Mwingi,” Kalonzo wrote on Twitter.

The Tweet was appended to a video of Kalonzo inspecting the project, and marketed with the hashtag “#Kalonzoreflects”.

Kenyans in their droves praised the former Deputy President, with some claiming he had done “exceedingly well”, even more than some Governors could dream of.

The short-lived celebration party was however cut short by Governor Kivutha who claimed Kalonzo was taking credit for a project he had criticised.

In a retort to Kalonzo’s Tweet, Kivutha sad Kalonzo had complained the pipes used in the project were the wrong plastic and therefore unsatisfactory.

He also explained that the project had been undertaken during President Kibaki’s first term when John Mutua Katuku was at the helm of the then Ministry of Water and Sanitation.

“This Mwingi water project was undertaken during Kibaki’s first term when Katuku was minister of water. During the presidential launch where I attended, Kalonzo complained the pipes used were the wrong plastic ones and thus the project was unsatisfactory,” Kivutha Tweeted.

Governor Kivutha has previously criticised the former Deputy President, especially after resigning as the Wiper Party Chairman, citing trust issues.

The governor accused the Wiper leader of breaching an agreement they made prior to his joining the party in the hot up to the 2017 General Election.