John Githongo says he was given 'demo screenshots' and not actual IEBC server logs

John Githongo says he was given 'demo screenshots' and not actual IEBC server logs

Inuka Kenya ni Sisi organization CEO John Githongo.

Whistleblower John Mark Githongo, a week after filing an affidavit alleging that there was a 56-man team deployed to alter the presidential results in favour of President-Elect William Ruto, has shifted ground saying that he was presented with the wrong logs which he used as evidence.

In his affidavit filed on Tuesday, August 23, Githongo claimed that he was introduced to a young man who gave him logs (log files) revealing how the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) servers were manipulated.

Githongo, in a second affidavit filed on Monday, said that he has learnt that the logs were fake and that they were demo screenshots on how the servers may be accessed.

"I have come to learn that the logs furnished to me by the young man were meant to be a DEMO on how the IEBC server can be accessed and manipulated by external unauthorised parties. The same are screen grabs commonly known as screenshots and are not actual logs," read part of the affidavit.

The whistleblower however maintained that the logs he presented before the court are not self-fabricated but are the precise ones he was furnished with the aforementioned young man.

"The logs annexed to my affidavit dates 21st August 2022 are the exact logs that were given to me by the young man referred to in my affidavit therein and therefore and logs did not originate from myself or the petitioner but from the aforesaid young man. One cannot falsify something that has been availed to them by someone else," he insisted.

Githongo further maintained that the contents in the affidavit faulting the alteration of Forms 34A still stands and awaits President-elect Ruto (9th Respondent) to counter.

"The contents of my affidavit are further evidence of alteration of forms 34A which the 9th Respondent has completely ignored and/or failed to respond to," he said.

In his precursory affidavit, Githongo claimed that the 56-man had its ICT experts who had access to IEBC's back-end servers, where they would intercept Forms 34A and manipulate the figures in favour of Ruto before re-uploading them to the IEBC system.


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