Garissa MCAs threaten to impeach Speaker as county staff down tools

Garissa MCAs threaten to impeach Speaker as county staff down tools

Operations at the Garissa County Assembly were on Wednesday afternoon paralysed after staff downed their tools protesting against hostile treatment by the Speaker.

Speaking to the press after their grievances were dismissed by the County Assembly Board, the staff claimed to be “living in fear” and accused Speaker Ahmed Ibrahim Abass of constantly berating them.

“The Speaker has physically assaulted some staff in this Assembly… it is also on record that he has abused several and called them goons. This assembly has a leadership problem,” said staff union chairperson Abdullahi Olow.

The staff members had earlier on sought audience with the assembly board which is chaired by the speaker but were denied. It is also composed of two members representing the MCAs, two external members and the clerk who is the secretary.

Mr. Abass later showed up during the press conference but was asked to leave by the staff since he was the subject.

A section of the Garissa MCAs also backed the grievances of the staff, further accusing Mr. Abass of being “more of a politician than a speaker” and threatening to spearhead his impeachment.

Garissa Township MCA Mohamud Omar, who is the welfare chairperson in the county, urged the assembly board to respect and listen to the staff complaints.

Mr. Omar said every member of the staff has the right to be treated with dignity and respect, noting that they will start the process to remove the speaker and disband the assembly board.

Fafi ward representative Hassan Halane claimed they have been taken hostage by the speaker and accused him of controlling the board members.

“The Speaker has been giving orders to reverse decisions made by some members of the speaker’s panel who sit for him when he is away,” alleged Mr. Halane.

When reached for comment, Speaker Abass said the allegations were unfounded adding that he was not willing to elaborate more it.

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