Four Family Members Hacked To Death In Kwale

The four, a father, mother and their two children were hacked to death in Waa area and their bodies burnt in their own house

The four were brutally murdered before their bodies were set ablaze in their own house.

Sources say that the killing was as a result of a land dispute spanning four years.

The children who died were aged 9 and 7.

Their only surviving son, Saidi Suleimani claimed that their father was involved in a land case which could have led to the deaths.

A 7-year old child narrowly escaped the ordeal as his grandparents Suleimani Mwamtusumi aged 60 and  Mwanahamisi Mwatsumi fought with the attackers in vain.

Kwale County Governor Salim Mvurya and the women representative Zainabu Chidzuga condemned the killings and urged residents to resolve their problems amicably


By Rehema Juma.