Emurua Dikirr MP Johana Ng’eno will be charged with hate speech- DPP

Emurua Dikirr MP Johana Ng’eno will be charged with hate speech- DPP

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji has given a go-ahead for the apprehension and prosecution of Emurua Dikirr legislator Johana Ng’eno.

In a press statement issued on Tuesday, the DPP noted there is sufficient evidence to initiate prosecution of the MP under the National Cohesiom and Intergration Act 2008.

“On Saturday, 5 September 2020 at Emurua Dikirr Constituency, Narok County, the MP uttered words which were threatening, abusive and insulting words intended or were likely to stir up ethnic animosity amongst communities living within Trans Mara area,” the statement read.

“The conduct of the MP was offensive and was intended and/or was likely to provoke a breach of peace within Trans Mara area,”

The DPP further noted that in respect to public interest, the MP will face criminal charges as his actions may open old wounds and incite different communities against each other.

“I have directed that criminal charges be preffered against the MP for hate speech contrary to section 13 of the National Cohesion and Intergration Act 2008 and offensice conduct conducive to breaches of peace contrary to section 94 of the penal code,” the statement reads further.

The MP was arrested on Monday evening at his home in Narok in dramatic fashion that saw hundreds of his supporters trooping to the Emurua Dikirr police station in protests.

Police officers had a hard time dispersing a crowd of supporters who had attempted to block the legislator’s arrest.