Employ Police Reservists, Governor Roba Tells Gov’t

Employ Police Reservists, Governor Roba Tells Gov’t

Governor Roba, who escaped an attack by unknown assailants on Friday last week, called on the national government to make use of the Kenya Police Reservists (KPRs) to help in curbing insecurity in the Northern Kenya frontier.

The governor, who appeared on Citizen TV Tuesday morning, said the only way to end insecurity in North Eastern Kenya is by making use of KPRs since the number of police officers in the area is not enough.

However, Roba dismissed claims that the incident was a banditry attack, saying that it was an Al Shabaab attack that was well planned and executed.

Governor Roba further refuted claims that cases of insecurity in Mandera County were as a result of clans’ clashes, saying that the issue had already been addressed by the elders.


He questioned how such clashes were related to the mass murder of innocent Kenyans in a quarry or mass killing of travellers, majority them teachers, aboard a Nairobi bus from Mandera.

“The clan issue is just lame. Where are teachers or quarry miners coming in on issues of clans?” posed Roba.

Roba’s sentiments were echoed by Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow who accused the security forces and the government of laxity when it comes to addressing security concerns of the North Eastern Kenya residents.

Kerrow further wants the government to increase patrols in the affected areas to compliment efforts by the security officers on the ground.

The two Mandera leaders further want the government to transfer officers who have served in the region for long, saying they have relaxed and cannot be relied upon to address security challenges.

Governor Roba’s convoy was attacked on Friday while on a meet-the-people tour and public participation meeting by armed militia who killed four people and injured others.