Drama as man who has been stealing women's underwear nabbed in Kericho

Drama as man who has been stealing women's underwear nabbed in Kericho

Drama unfolded at Chagoror trading centre in Kipkelion East, Kericho County after a man accused of stealing women underwear was apprehended by residents.

The man, who works as a construction worker in the area, was found out after a panty fell out from his jacket's pocket.

Residents say that women in the area had been complaining about the mysterious disappearance of their inner garments from hanging lines and bathrooms.

This prompted locals to hold an emergency meeting to try and identify the culprit behind the theft.

The man, residents say, was noticeably quiet during the meeting. Once the meeting came to a close the man and a friend decided to go to a nearby river to take a bath but as they were heading there the suspect mysteriously vanished.

He allegedly made his way into a homestead and stole inner garments belonging to the women of the house before rejoining his friend at the river.

Initially, the man's companion did not think much about the suspect's disappearance noting that he believed that the culprit was just relieving himself in the surrounding thickets.

When the suspect arrived at the river, he claimed to have been talking to one of his companions at the homestead.

His friend however raised alarm when a panty fell from the suspect's jacket, drawing attention of other villagers who rushed to the scene.

The residents then frogmarched the culprit to Chagoror trading centre where upon being searched, several underwears were found inside his pockets.

The man then led the residents to his house where more women's underwear were found.

Angry villagers descended on the man with blows after a woman positively identified one of the panty's as her own. With residents baying for his blood, the man shrugged them off before fleeing.

According to the culprit's kin, the man had been nabbed committing similar offences in Kuresoi, Nakuru county before being excommunicated from the area. His family intends to follow suit and disown the man. 


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