DP Ruto now urges focus on Big Four Agenda after BBI flop

DP Ruto now urges focus on Big Four Agenda after BBI flop

Hours after the Court of Appeal upheld the High Court decision and further killing hopes of any future for BBI reggae, Deputy President William Ruto turned to prayer, attending the Lavington SDA church for a sabbath service.

Taking cue from his online posts on Friday, DP Ruto praised the appellate court for what he termed a bold move and a brave defense of the constitution.

“Without any doubt the courts spoke the voice of Wanjiku…however no one has lost and no one has won……it is a win win for the people and the rule of law has prevailed..god bless you,” DP Ruto said.

The DP in his address, added that the Judiciary stood firm and defended its independence, attributing the court’s decision to civil vigilance against any changes to the constitution.

“We may now live our lives and build our nation with confidence that the brave patriots of our judiciary stand ready to secure…the promise of our National Anthem that justice be our shield and defender.,” DP Ruto said on Saturday.

At the heart of DP Ruto’s victory address, was a call to the government to make a u-turn and retrace the Big Four Agenda.

The Deputy President accused the President Uhuru Kenyatta-led executive of focusing all the energies on the BBI initiated constitutional changes at the expense of the Big Four government blueprint.

“We must urgently retrace our path to the big 4 agenda with packaged comprehensive raft of policy interventions,” the second in command added.

The DP who met a section of his close allies before his media briefing, saying he rallied them behind a legislative route in parliament to fastrack Big Four related Bills in both chambers of parliament.

“I have spoken to legislators and we have agreed to fast-track the long delayed NHIF act changes in order to unlock the dream of achieving Universal Health Care (UHC)

The vaccination process against COVID-19 that the government is grappling with was also a key point in the DP’s address.

“We must now focus our energy and resources on mass vaccination in order to return our people to work and catch up with global nations that are already catching the rhythm,” he added.

The DP also dismissed the ongoing coalition building talks and instead rallied the political class behind inclusive alliances ahead of the 2022 race to succeed President Kenyatta.

“The nation we envision is focused on success through enterprise not largesse from patronage and is committed to fundamental and inclusive economic transformation not opportunistic coalitions to rig the system against the people,” the DP said.

With the full intray, the Deputy President says it is possible in the remaining one year to the next general election, especially with his belief that the headache of constitutional reforms is now shelved.


DP Ruto

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