CS Kuria says Gov’t could use Museveni, Kagame tactics to deal with Raila

CS Kuria says Gov’t could use Museveni, Kagame tactics to deal with Raila

Trade CS Moses Kuria during a past meeting. PHOTO | COURTESY | MITI

Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has now opined that President William Ruto’s government will have to employ different tactics in dealing with defiant opposition leader Raila Odinga amidst the ongoing protests.

CS Kuria, speaking in an interview with BBC, said the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party leader “terrorised” previous administrations, but that the current regime will not hold back in its bid to stop him in his tracks.

While maintaining that the Kenya Kwanza administration will not be cowed to negotiate with the Azimio chief, the CS intimated that the State could soon resort to tactics used by Rwandan President Paul Kagame and his Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni to handle their political dissenters.

“He has had it good for too long. He had it with Kibaki, Kibaki is no more, he is dead and gone. He had it with Uhuru. He will not have it again, take it from me. There’s not going to be any dividend for democracy,” Kuria told the British broadcaster.

“We had very transparent elections, we went all the way to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court pronounced itself…every time coming to prosecute an election, then it means that we’re going to deal with him the way Paul Kagame deals with his opponents, the way Museveni deals with his opponent. There’s no other way.”

Although CS Kuria did not specify how Presidents Kagame and Museveni deal with their opposition, he said the government will “do whatever it takes.”

The outspoken CS went on to rubbish claims by Mr. Odinga in regard to the cost of living as the cause of the demos, claiming the latter only wants to acquire power.

According to Kuria, the former premier’s intention is only to sabotage President Ruto’s administration and thus the government should not negotiate with him.

He suggested that Mr. Odinga should seek other ways to address his issues such as through Parliament.

“What is happening in Kenya has got nothing to do with the cost of living. It is just nothing but economic terrorism because our opposition is aware that we are on a takeover…but we’re going to do what we need to do,” he stated.

“We are not ready to talk with him…on what? He is a member of the party, the leader of the opposition, he’s got sizeable members in Parliament, he can make his case within Parliament but this rewarding him for undermining institutions…losing elections all the time and coming to say talk to me, about what?”


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