Court Rejects Sonko’s Application On NCCK Land

The court declined an application filed by Nairobi County Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko seeking to stop the planned eviction of the artisans from a land previously owned by the National Council of Churches of Kenya

The land in question measures 3.5 hectares of land and is said to have been sold to a leading supermarket in Nairobi

Justice Pauline Nyamweya ordered that the case be brought to court for hearing on the 23rd March this year

According to Justice Nyamweya, she refused to grant the orders saying the matter can only be determined after a full hearing

Classic Co-operative Society moved to court after the plot they worked from was allegedly sold to a leading supermarket.

Lawyer Evans Ondieki, representing the artisans, said they had obtained an order stopping NCCK from disposing off the plot, in April last year but the churches’ organization was not served the order.

The Ministry of Lands has in the past accused the NCCK of breaching an agreement by selling the plot to a private developer in this a leading supermarket

Principal Land Administration officer Gordon Ochieng said that the land had been given freely by the government to NCCK to build sheds for small scale industries.

He added that the condition given by the government to NCCK was that it does not sell the said land, transfer or part with the piece of the land without a written consent from the Commissioner of Lands.

Senator Mike Sonko later filed the application seeking to employ over 35,000 jua Kali artisans from the controversial 3.5 hectare land in Eastlands.

The particulars of the application will now be heard on the said date.

By Diana Kariuki