Collection of signatures to dissolve Meru County Gov't kicks off

Collection of signatures to dissolve Meru County Gov't kicks off

A lobby group together with a section of residents of Meru County has kicked off the collection of signatures to dissolve county leadership.

The residents say they want the leadership suspended and new polls conducted as the infighting between the county executive and the county assembly has frustrated the implementation of development programmes. 

“This is a mwananchi-led process... mwananchi amejitolea mwenyewe kile tumefanya tu ni kuwasaidi kuwaonyesha kuwa wana uwezo,” says David Karani from the Meru Civil Society.

Article 192 of the Constitution provides for the procedure for suspension of a county government, the provision bestows the final decision of the dissolution on the president.

A county government can be wound up if there is an emergency arising out of internal conflict or war or in any other exceptional circumstances.

“We are doing it according to article 192(1)b which falls under unusual circumstances, its time that the mwananchi got the power back to their hands,” adds Karani.

The group of residents who spearheaded the activity at Nkubu town in Imenti South Constituency have said they are doing so because Meru has stagnated in development due to the wrangling.

“Hii hatua imechukuliwa ni nzuri na tunaomba hata President Ruto hizo saini zikisanywa, atuwekee sign turudi kura sababu anaweza kataa,” says James Mwenda, a resident.

 “Meru tumesema wameru wote wamekubali Meru ivunjwe ndio tupatae maendeleo hii msukumano hatutawezana nayo sababu hakuna kitu tunafanyiwa Meru,” adds Kirimi John a resident.

Among those who appended their signatures was Kiagu Ward MCA Kiambi Ngaruni known to be allied to Governor Mwangaza who said was ready to go back to ballot because despite being elected he has not been able to effectively carry out his duties.

“Mimi naomba hii power turegeshee wananchi wachague viongozi watafanya kazi. Mimi kama mwenye nilichaguliwa nimesign kudissolve county government watu wale wanataka kuomba kiti wajiandae, leo nimejifuta hapa na sirudi nyumbani,” said Kiambi.

The suspension sought will only be granted if an independent commission of inquiry investigates allegations against the county government to the satisfaction of the president and with the authorisation of the senate.

During a suspension arrangements shall be made for county operations to continue for a period not exceeding 90 days before elections can be held.

Already a resident has petitioned President William Ruto to dissolve the county government while another is in court seeking to have Senate decision to save Governor Kawira Mwangaza set aside.


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