Clinical officers suspend strike after 70 days following court order

Clinical officers suspend strike after 70 days following court order

Clinical officers on Tuesday suspended their strike after 70 days following a court order.

Kenya Union of Clinical Officers (KUCO) Chairman Peterson Wachira, addressing a presser, directed all members to report back to work.

Mr, Wachira said the clinical officers will obey the court order issued by Justice Maureen Onyango even though their demands are yet to be met.

Justice Onyango, in her ruling, ordered that all disciplinary procedures against the clinical officers be stopped and that employers pay salaries for all workers.

“…we wish to reiterate our concerns on the County Government’s inaction to remedy the unsafe working environment which informed this strike. As emphasized in our strike notice dated 23rd November, 2020, we raised a number of issues that the employers have failed to address even as we resume duty in our various duty stations,” said Mr. Wachira.

“The Council of Governors, which is the pivotal institution in the implementation of devolution. government guidelines, policies and statutes in the counties has negated its constitutional advisory and guidance mandate to the County Governments by declining to sign the Return to Work Formula (RTWF) negotiated centrally under the guidance of ministry of labour. It is sad to note that even as Clinical Officers and other health workers resume duties, the employers have not addressed our grievances on unsafe working environment, a fact that puts our members in the harm’s way even as they resume duty.”

“We therefore wish to inform our members, all health workers and the general public that even though we have complied with the court order, we shall not voluntarily expose ourselves. We shall only offer services when supplied with appropriate protective gear. We remain vigilant and focused to ensuring that the welfare, rights and safety of Clinical Officers is upheld at all time.”

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