Citizen TV unveils brand new program lineup

Citizen TV unveils brand new program lineup

Citizen TV will be unveiling a new and exciting program lineup starting Monday, October 7.

Captivating new shows such include Johari, Rebecca, Heart of a Champion, Maria and Deceptive Measures.

Maria every Monday to Friday 8pm

This local TV series features Maria as a humble, uneducated, teenage dreamer. She lives with her godmother, Auntie Naomi, in one of the slums in Nairobi.

Tune in every Monday to Friday at 8pm to find out what happens to Maria in her new home.

Johari every Wednesday 7.30pm

In this new local TV series, Mr Were, an art teacher moves his family from Nairobi to the slopes of Mt Kenya.

His two children Zaki and Zawadi are apprehensive about their new life until they find a new friend, Jappa.

Together, they engage in escapades that help them build their friendship. Catch their adventures every Wednesday at 7.30PM.

Heart of a Champion airs daily from 5pm

Heart of a Champion is a telenovela featuring Tita Menchaca and Waldo, a happily married couple with two children: Fabiola and Reynaldo.

The family lives in a Mexican town but Tita is forced to leave her husband after he develops a gambling problem.

She moves to a different town and gets a housekeeping job at the home of Emiliano and Nadia Linares.

Her employers have two daughters Maika and Valeria. Her son Reynaldo develops a relationship with Valeria.

The girl’s mother does not approve of the new relationship and fires the housekeeper. Tune in every Monday to Friday from 5pm to find out what happens.

Deceptive Measures, a new Pan-African series will air every week starting this Friday at 6.30PM.

The popular local shows such as Inspekta Mwala, Tahidi High and Papa Shirandula will now be aired as follows:

MONDAY        – Inspekta Mwala

TUESDAY        – Tahidi High

THURSDAY     – Papa Shirandula

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