Boyfriend to the late Keroche Breweries director Tecra Karanja arrested in Lamu

Boyfriend to the late Keroche Breweries director Tecra Karanja arrested in Lamu

Omar Lali, the boyfriend to Tecra Muigai- daughter of Keroche Breweries CEO Tabitha Karanja- who reportedly died after an accident in Lamu has been arrested by homicide detectives in Lamu.

Detectives are said to be following several leads after they picked inconsistencies with reports of how she met her death.

For starters, Lali who has been living at Shela in Lamu with Ms Muigai since April said she had tumbled down the stairs and later changed his account to say she had tripped in the bathroom.

None of the versions of events were consistent with the account given by responders who took Tecra to hospital.

A friend of Tecra reportedly found her lying unconscious at the apartment she was living in with her boyfriend.

Blood was oozing from her mouth.

Further, reports say Lali was sound asleep and had to be awoken by friends who quickly took Ms Muigai to a local dispensary.

“It was on Tuesday last week when one of our friends found her in a coma in the house. By that time, her boyfriend was still asleep in the house. We had to wake him up. He was in shock after finding out that she was immobile,” a friend of the deceased told the Daily Nation.

Her friends then called her mother who sent a private helicopter to pick Ms Muigai from the Manda airport.

Unfortunately, Ms Muigai who had bled considerably succumbed to her injuries while receiving treatment.

It has also emerged that Tabitha Karanja was opposed to the one-year relationship between her daughter and her man and had previously sent Ms Muigai’s brother to talk his sister into ending the union.

The Daily Nation reports that the recluse Ms Muigai  did not shy from the excesses of life that the luxury of money has to offer.

Although she was not keen on social media appearances, Ms Muigai and her boyfriend, reports say,  enjoyed tipple together and occasionally chewed khat together.

Her relationship with her boyfriend was however far from rosy, with multiple sources claiming that the two constantly differed and argued in public.

After the accident, her family is said to have reached out to the DCI to probe the circumstances of the fall that ended Ms Muigai’s life.