23 patients isolated at Nairobi Hospital over cholera outbreak, Health CEC says

23 patients isolated at Nairobi Hospital over cholera outbreak, Health CEC says

The Nairobi County Government has revealed that there have been a total of 23 reported cases of cholera.

A statement from Mohamed Dagane, the County Health CEC, said a team was sent to The Nairobi Hospital on Monday to ensure that the situation is contained.

“The 23 patients are adequately isolated and the necessary infection prevention control measures are being observed and the patients recovering well so far,” Mr. Dagane said.

He further confirmed that there were no fatalities from the cholera outbreak as had been reported in sections of the media.

A Reuters report however indicated that cholera cases are on the rise in the county, citing a statement from the Nairobi Hospital on Tuesday.

“There is an upsurge of cholera cases in the county of Nairobi. We have had several cases admitted in our hospital. Unfortunately we had 8 staff affected,” The Nairobi Hospital said.

It described The Nairobi Hospital as one “which has some of the most advanced facilities in the city.”

Cholera is spread by ingesting faecal matter; symptoms include effortless watery diarrhoea and sometimes vomiting.

Below are guidelines from the County Health Department on how to avoid contracting the disease:
1. Use treated water for hand washing, washing vegetables and drinking.
2. To only eat food licensed premises and to avoid suspicions food establishments.
3. To observe general hygiene to minimise infection.
4. Do not eat food from suspicious joints which include all roadside vendors.