Why you need to stop charging your phone overnight

    Why you need to stop charging your phone overnight

    Are you in the habit of charging your phone overnight? you probably should reconsider.

    This follows a research that shows that by doing so, you automatically reduce your battery’s lifespan.

    This then means that it will only be a short while, before you have to reach into your pocket and fork out money for a new device.

    ”Batteries in mobile devices are in constant decay from the moment they are first used,”  said Edo Campos, a spokesman for a battery maker.

    Speaking to Time, an American weekly publication, Campos indicated that the latest models of phones have a lithium-ion battery, a type that charges within one hour which is a fairly fast time.

    This then means that your phone does not have to stay plugged in the whole night.

    The good thing is that the phone automatically stops taking in current once it hits 100%. Some chargers also have the provision to stop them from supplying excess current to the phone.

    However, when your phone battery charges up to a hundred percent and you do not disconnect, the phone still continues to charge to compensate for the little energy that it loses even when its idle.

    This is called a ”trickle charge and it ”can lead to higher ambient temperatures for your phone, which can reduce capacity over time.”

    Even though batteries begin to lose capacity from the start, you can make the effort to keep it alive for as long as you can.

    This is why it is advisable to avoid leaving your phone on the charger for too long as this is one of the main factors that accelerate loss of battery life.