Tears and Bieber: Selena Gomez sings ‘Look at Her Now’

    Tears and Bieber: Selena Gomez sings ‘Look at Her Now’

    Just a day after releasing the emotional “Lose You to Love Me,” Selena Gomez has dropped another song, “Look at Her Now”.

    According to Good Morning Africa, the 27-year-old sings about a past relationship that hints a strained relationship between Gomez and her ex Justin Bieber.

    “Of course she was sad. But now she’s glad she dodged a bullet (Mm), took a few years to soak up the tears. But look at her now, watch her go,” Gomez sings in her new song.

    On Wednesday night, on an instagram live post, Gomez appreciates her fans for the love and support they have shown her. She also explains that the song is meant to show that she is much stronger now.

    “I wanted this to be a representation of the strength that I’ve gotten and a way of me saying ‘this is where I am now,'” she told her fans.

    “I am grateful for the response that the song is getting. I am so grateful,” Gomez shared. “However, I do not stand for women tearing women down. I will never, ever be by that. So please be kind to everyone.”

    This is after rumors surfaced about drama between Bierber’s wife,  Hailey Bieber and Gomez.

    This follows the release of  Hailey song “I’ll Kill You” on her Instagram story soon after Gomez’s first song “Lose You To Love Me” was unveiled.

    The star emphasized that her songs have “nothing but good intentions.”

    “This was simply me just sharing my story and I couldn’t be more happy to just release this chapter,” she added.