‘Bird Box’ memes are a hoot

‘Bird Box’ memes are a hoot

Note: This post contains spoilers relating to the Netflix film ‘Bird Box.’

Netflix’s psychological horror film “Bird Box” has had the internet chirping since its debut on the streaming service less than a week ago.

In “Bird Box,” Sandra Bullock stars as a woman who undertakes an arduous river journey to save her two children from a threat that has left much of the world in a state of chaos and resulted in mass suicides.

Some of the film takes place in flashbacks, as a pregnant Bullock finds a small group of people with whom to survive and figure out the new world order.

They live in constant fear of being exposed to the outside world and strangers because encounters with either increase the risk of being affected by the mysterious force that has the power to drive people insane.

To protect themselves from it, they block out windows and wear blindfolds if forced to venture outside. Birds also serve as something of an alarm system.

The sensory deprivation experience by the characters serves well to build suspense, but has also been a gift to the social media gods, with the birth of countless memes in the movie’s aftermath.

They range from jokes about what temptations would get people to remove their blindfolds to some spoilery takes on the film.

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Others imagined what the world what be like in the event of a mass pandemic.

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