Philip Tuju among 10 judges unveiled for Kisima Music & Film Awards

Philip Tuju among 10 judges unveiled for Kisima Music & Film Awards

Philip Tuju and Julius Ondijo Owino aka Maji Maji are among 10 Pan-African judges unveiled for the Kisima Music & Film Awards.

Tuju is the brains behind the RedFourth Chorus and the official voice coach for Sauti Sol while Owino is a musician of the band Gidi gidi Maji Maji.

“It was indeed paramount that we source only the best in the continent to formulate the judging panel. The selection process for the jury was rigorous and deliberate. We assessed both the professional qualifications and experience base of the judges. Of course the Pan-Africa disposition was also important,” said Dr. Fred Simiyu, Chairman of the Pan African Kisima Music & Film awards.

“We look forward to a professionally transparent and invigorating process,” he added.

The 10 judges are from different African countries: Kenya, Benin, Nigeria, Mozambique and Rwanda.

Their selection took into consideration the anglophone, francophone and lusophone diversities of the submissions into the awards.

In this new Pan-Africa infusion, every part of the continent in their language diversity is represented.

Other judges who will be sifting entries for the Kisima Music & Film Awards are:

  • Shamim Allu (Kenyan radio personality)
  • Andrew Alovi (Kenyan professional coach)
  • Joy Nduto (Kenyan content producer)
  • Cornélia Glele (Beninese journalist)
  • Edima Otuokon (Nigerian communications specialist)
  • Joel Karekezi (Rwandese film director)
  • Lara Sousa (Mozambican director and producer)
  • Oris Aigbokhaevbolo (award-winning film and music writer)

The deadline for entries was November 27, 2020.

Judges will reveal the final nominees for this year’s Kisima Music & Film awards on Thursday, December 3.

This will then pave the way for the public voting process that will culminate in the awards ceremony on December 13.

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