Must know ways to save money when buying clothes

Must know ways to save money when buying clothes

Hundreds of Kenyans are set spend a fortune this festive season in the name of Christmas holiday.

December, a merchant’s haven, I wish I met the guy who made it a tradition to buy gifts and presents on ‘Jesus’ birthday’, a lady, I presume.

Clothes top the ‘gift chain’ yet most people lack ‘something’ to wear every morning even though their wardrobes are choking with fabric.

The illusion deficit inflates the urge to pile your fabric heap more and more, a habit that costs you financially in the long run.

Here is a list on how to avoid the deportment:

  1. Avoid impulsive buying

Do not heed to every enticing call from second-hand-clothe vendors. Just because the clothes are cheaper doesn’t mean you should buy them.

Unless you need them, don’t buy them.

  1. Know your fit

Avoid fitting clothes in a rush. Use the changing room exhaustively before going for your wallet.

  1. Plan your purchases

Evaluate the amount of cash you need to spend on clothes in a year or month then stay within the range. Shopping for clothes has proven addictive.

  1. Shun unnecessary window shopping

Like all traps, this will lure you into buying outfits you could do without.

Avoid walking with unnecessary loose cash. Bank the extra cash or save it at home.

  1. Think twice before buying

Don’t buy it since you saw a friend, relative or celebrity in it.

Some clothes worn by celebrities are costumes for occasions or purposely worn to create or draw attention.

  1. Take good care of your clothes

Save yourself a fortune by simply taking care of your clothes. This includes cleaning and storing them appropriately.

  1. Designate your wardrobe

Do a statistics in 30days and you will realise you wear some clothes more frequently than others thus creating an impression that you have few clothes.

This can be avoided by determining what to wear for a week or a fortnight beforehand.

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