‘Kenyan’ Instagram sensation Elsa Majimbo catches Steve Harvey’s eye

‘Kenyan’ Instagram sensation Elsa Majimbo catches Steve Harvey’s eye

If you thought that Kenyan-based Instagram tickler Elsa Majimbo was not going places, it is clearer than a sunny afternoon. You don’t think.

Ms Majimbo who is riding the coattails of her global superstardom- which includes over 1M followers on the gram- recently got a nod from the king of laughs himself, Steve Harvey.

And don’t even get me started on her E! People’s Choice Awards African Social Star category nomination.

Earlier in the week, Steve Harvey shared a hilarious video of the chip-eating tickler captioning it “introverts”

In the video- which you can watch below- Ms Majimbo jokes about how introverts are using Coronavirus excuses to avoid unnecessary meetings.

“I wanted to meet up… but…ooops its a pandemic …. I would have let you come to my house but, aaaah , pandemic, I really wanted to see you but.. pandemic,” Ms Majimbo says.


Her video had been liked over 9,000 times and retweeted over 2,000 times- possibly by other introverts.

Obviously, we do not need to underscore just how much of a big deal you have to be to attract Harvey’s eye.

Ms Majimbo who resides in Kenya with her family is from South Africa and courted fame with her chip-eating videos in which she brags generously a few months ago.

Her star has shone so much since, earning her a spot on top media outlets in the world among them New York Times, CNN and the BBC.

She will be going head to head with among others, South African singer Sho Madjozi, Thuso Mbedu, Zozi Tunzi, Dimma Umeh and Lydia Forson for the E! People Choice Awards on November 15.

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