Kate in heels: Just how easy is a royal birth?

Kate in heels: Just how easy is a royal birth?

Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a bouncing baby and several hours later, was seen leaving the hospital in a red dress and high heels.

Her quick birth, hospital departure and choice of shoes have sparked huge interest online.

USA Today said she gave birth at around 11am and by 6pm “was posing for the cameras looking gorgeous in heels…”

Curious fans are wondering how strong she is having given birth when she was, according to the Guardian Newspaper, only 8 months pregnant.

“How does Kate Duchess do it? From giving birth to camera-ready in heels in under 8 hours” the USA Today headline reads.

An article by CNN‘s AJ Willingham reads: “Duchess Catherine stepped out literally hours after giving birth, and people are awed”

The baby weighed 8lbs 7oz (3.8 kilograms), Kensington Palace confirmed.

Though you are safe to leave hospital within hours after a normal vaginal birth, doctors often encourage mothers to stay for at least a day and a half, Clare Herbert, a midwife says on babycentre.co.uk

Women who give birth to premature babies (before 9 months), or have a Caesarean Section may stay longer, she adds.

However, Kansas City Star newspaper reports that researchers have found that “British mothers are sent home after childbirth more quickly than in any developed country.”

British actress Ellie Taylor poked humour at the birth saying:

“Kate Middleton’s day:
11am – Birth human
4pm – Blow dry and full make up
6pm – Present new heir to media looking red carpet ready

My day:
11am – Wake up, eat cheese
4pm – Put bra on
6pm – Take bra off, eat cheese

@thegibbyzone said on Twitter: “Kate Middleton pops out babies so quick, like goddamn Eggo waffles.”

One @tattyashleighxx posed: “How does Kate Middleton have a baby, and hours later walk out of the hospital in full glam, dress and heels like she didn’t just push a human out of her… you go girl.”

LiveinWife said: “She just gave birth?! Duchess Kate is a freak of nature.”

“i do not understand how kate middleton got dressed and walked outside in heels seven hours after having a baby because it takes me a good thirty six hours to psych myself up to put shoes on so i can throw out the recycling without even putting on a bra,” Scaachi quipped.