How to cook omena

How to cook omena

Omena is a popular meal with residents from the lakeside and has slowly found its way in most Kenyan homes.

A spot check on Twitter on Friday reveals different ways that people cook and eat it, depending on one’s palate.

Some eat with eggs or rice while others choose ugali an mboga as their preferred accompaniment.

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Below is a recipe from one Doris Makori that you can use to cook omena:


2oog dried omena

1 large chopped onion

3 large ripe chopped tomatoes

A bunch of finely chopped coriander leaves



Wash the omena with warm water and leave it to soak for about 2 minutes. Squeeze off the extra water from the omena and set it aside.

Pour two spoonfuls of cooking oil in a sufuria and set it on medium heat.

Add the omena and stir it until it turns golden brown then remove from the heat.

Place another sufuria with a spoonful of oil on heat and put the chopped onions in the sufuria. Let the onions turn golden brown

Add tomatoes and stir well until they are tender and crushed

Add the omena and mix well. Add a salt too and stir

Add the coriander leaves, stir for 1 minute and remove from the heat.

The chef recommends serving it with vegetables, ugali or just eating it on its own as a snack.


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