Hide that pot belly – How to rock high waist pants

Hide that pot belly – How to rock high waist pants

Well in, I have received inquiries on how my hula-hoop exercise to reduce belly fat is going, and I can proudly say am doing much better.

I however, don’t want to speak too soon on the amazing results since I haven’t reached my intended target.

That said, I still want to rock my normal outfits, even as I try my best to trim my waistline.

I recently discovered the magic of high-waist pants. Although I am not much of a denim person because dresses have always been my favorite, if you follow my latest outfits on Instagram and Facebook you will notice I am slowly taking to denim pants, specifically the high waist pants.

This is because, to the observation of many and to my advantage, I noted that high waist pants hide love handles, belly bulges and front flab, giving you a well-defined waistline.

At the same time they keep shirts properly tucked-in to avoid the embarrassment of showing more skin than necessary, and best of all they don’t give you a muffin top.

As in every fashion style, there are Do’s and Don’ts that you must carefully consider when wearing high waist pants to achieve a chic look and to avoid looking like a girl trying to rock “mom jeans”.

  1. Tuck in your top

What’s the point of wearing high-waist pants if you’re only going to be covering them with a top?

The good thing is, almost any style works. Plaid lumberjack shirts, long-sleeve tops, or your favorite tee — go ahead and tuck them into high-waist pants and transform your look in an instant.

Liz Anyango looking chic in high waist pants

2. Wear your perfect fit

Like most things in fashion, high waist pants look infinitely better when they’re in your correct size.

Whether you prefer straight or cropped, ensure they fit well. You will thank me later!

Liz Anyango looking chic in high waist pants

3. Wear the right length

With both straight and flared high waist pants, you will want the hem just at the top of the toes like the black pants I’m wearing in the picture below for an elongating look.

Any longer and they’ll just bunch up around the legs, making you look shorter.

Liz Anyango

4. Wear pants at the natural waistline

The natural waistline, being the narrowest part of the torso, is where high waist pants would look most flattering.

Note where the waistbands of these pants I’m wearing are. Give yourself that hourglass shape and cinch that waist!

Liz Anyango looking chic in high waist pants

5. Wear the right accessories

Pick a belt that isn’t too wide. Skinny high-waist jeans look good with heels and wedges while the looser flared styles are better matched with flats.

Liz Anyango looking chic in high waist pants

6 . Avoid blousy tops

High waist pants already have lots of volume and provide lots of coverage, and a blousy top made of a lot of fabric will compete with that.

Liz Anyango looking chic in high waist pants

4. Avoid bras or crop tops that are too revealing

We know it’s tempting to wear bra tops with full-coverage high-waist pants, but too much skin showing is never a good look.

And if you do dare to bare, at least make sure that it’s something you’re comfortable in.


6. Avoid short, bulky jackets

They create a boxy shape and make the waist look wider. They also completely remove the hourglass shape, which is what we’re trying to achieve by wearing high waist pants.

That said; remember you can still look hot as you strive to achieve the hourglass figure. Tell me how your attempt to pull off this look went.

Quote: High waist pants and denim represent democracy in fashion – Giorgio Armani

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