Former President Kibaki’s favourite beer WhiteCap unveils new look

Former President Kibaki’s favourite beer WhiteCap unveils new look

Retired President Mwai Kibaki was known to love WhiteCap Lager, according to his allies, leading many to endearingly refer to the drink as the ‘President’s beer.’

Loved and enjoyed by many, WhiteCap Lager — which has been in the market since 1950 — now comes in a new design unveiled by Kenya Breweries Limited to mark the beers 70th anniversary.

To compete for the champagne of beers crown, Whitecap had to change to a new pack, which is modern. What most consumers don’t know is that it is expensive to produce the old beer bottles, because the world is moving to sleek easy to produce beer bottles. Hence, the change for Whitecap Lager.

This new pack also represents a reinforcement of KBL’s strategy of positioning WhiteCap Lager as the leading local premium beer, as well as keeping up with the evolving needs of its customer base.

The taste for Whitecap hasn’t changed, it is still the same. Same taste, new packaging and new label. Most consumers finds it hard to adapt to new change without complains, but with time they find comfort and adjust or fit in.

In 1950, Kenya Breweries Limited produced their first bottle of Whitecap Lager beer. The beer is named after the magnificent snow cap of Mt Kenya, which is well depicted on its bottle.

For seven decades, this gem of alcoholic brand had remained cocooned in its shell and has continued to be enjoyed by millions of Kenyans.

Today, Whitecap lager has grown from being an old man’s drink to a millennial drink of choice. Most millennials in the country are now enjoying it more.

It’s hard to imagine that this rarity beer, brewed with quality and perfection is now the Champagne of beers in Kenya.

Why is it the champagne? It is very tasty, it’s flavor is very rich, it has no added sugar, it is pale in color and made with Kenya’s finest barley. This beer is brewed by a team of qualified master brewers, hence winning over 100 Monde Selection awards.

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