Former CJ Willy Mutunga urges youth to avoid being used by politicians

Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has urged the youth to refuse to be used by politicians and instead chart a new path for a just and more inclusive Kenya.

He said the youth must be the foundation of an alternative political leadership in this country.

“The moment you are captured by the barons and you are divided then you are no better than them,” he said.

Speaking on Saturday during the launch of the Youth Leagues, Dr. Mutunga insisted that the youth must play their role as active citizens.

According to him, Kenyans have to accept that their crises are born of a political leadership that is enslaved by foreign interest.

“You have to start by contesting for political power,” he added.

On his part, Dr Alex Awiti, Vice Provost at the Aga Khan University, called on the youth to change the narrative, and not to look at themselves as victims, but change makers.

“Across the country young people are leading great initiatives. It is inspiring to see many young people stepping up and taking action in different spaces – let us keep the spirit and momentum” said Dr Awiti

Similarly, Ms. Caren Wakoli, Executive Director of Emerging Leaders Foundation who urged youth to work together, and ensure that young women are not left behind.

“We must join together if we are to achieve the advancement and development of and for the youth. Without unity there is no future for the youth. And without robust organization there is no progress” she said

The Youth Congress has established youth leagues in all the 47 counties seeking to build a strong youth voice and collective action that will help to improve the condition and position of youth at all levels; local and national.

So far, over 500 youth organizations from all the 47 counties have joined the Leagues.

The expectation is that the initiatives will give impetus to stronger and better youth organizing in the country.

Convener of The Youth Congress, Mr Raphael Obonyo, urged the youth to organize to attain real economic and political freedoms and a better tomorrow.

“This is not just another youth initiative, it is game changer that will dramatically expand space and freedoms for Kenya’s youth. Nothing can be more important than organizing if Kenyan youth want to change their condition and realize freedoms,” he said

He noted that divisions tare often exploited by politicians to dominate and take advantage of the youth which ultimately leaves them suffering.

“As we reflect on our history, look towards the present and future Kenya, youth should look at their numbers, energies, talent, potential and power to shape and determine their destiny,” Obonyo added.