Bliss Healthcare launches ‘Doctor-at-your-Doorstep’ service

Bliss Healthcare launches ‘Doctor-at-your-Doorstep’ service

As Kenya experiences an upsurge in the number of persons with COVID-19 infection, it is becoming less tenable to isolate all patients in hospital based care treatment facilities.

This is now pushing medical care providers to explore ways of providing treatment to patients at home.

On Thursday, Bliss Healthcare launched a pioneering tele-medicine product that will see healthcare providers attend to patients at their door step upon request.

The package dubbed ‘Bliss @ Home’ is aimed at ensuring continuity of care for all patients while minimizing the frequency of their interaction with health care settings during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Dr. Brian Mulando of Bliss explained that with the Bliss@home package, the company has treated over 10,000 patients at home over the past five months, many with chronic conditions and 25 with COVID-19.

According to Dr. Percival Selepe, the overall head of the pioneering medical services said from this experiment, they are now ready to move into their ‘Doctor at your Doorstep’ service.

“The same way pizza delivery has been normalised is the same way, for Bliss clientele, we will deliver a doctor at your doorstep service by December,” he said.

“We have the online infrastructure for consultation and drug delivery, and have ordered a fleet of medical motorcycles so that not even Nairobi’s notorious traffic will hinder our medics from reaching our patients who need our services right at home.”

Dr. Selepe, a medic with wide international experience from South Africa to Ireland, believes that in the coming decade, tele medicine will become as ‘normalised as mobile telephony in the 2000s.’