Witch doctor to serve three years in jail for failing to resurrect a dead man

Witch doctor to serve three years in jail for failing to resurrect a dead man

A Tanzanian man identified as Dunia Salumu better known Dr. Manyaunyau has been sentenced to three years in jail with a fine of Ksh472, 000 (TZS10 million) for acquiring Ksh1.4 million (TZS29.6 million) through deceitful means, says Bongo5.

Manyanyau is said to have obtained the money from Tekra Modesta after he claimed he could facilitate the resurrection of her dead brother – which he failed to achieve.

Tekra’s brother identified by the mononym Modest died several years ago.

Ilala District Court Judge Flora Haule said there was sufficient evidence garnered by the court from the prosecution to sentence Mr. Manyaunyau.

“The court finds Dunia Salumu guilty of the charges leveled against him. It orders the respondent to serve a three-year jail sentence with a fine of TZS10 million (Ksh472, 000). The fine should be paid after he completes his jail sentence. This should serve as a lesson to those who have similar habit,” said Justice Haule.

The prosecution had four witnesses who substantially proved that Manyaunyau acquired the money from Tekra after deceiving her into believing he had the powers to resurrect her dead brother.

Tanzania’s Director of Public Prosecution Estar Kyala, asked the court to issue a severe punishment to the accused so that it serves as a lesson to other people who disguise as witch doctors to fleece desperate citizens.

The accused was paid Ksh1.4 million by the complainant in two phases. He received the first batch in May 2007 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

On May 1st, 2008 Manyaunyau was paid the remaining perk so that he could execute the task (of resurrecting Tekra’s brother). He however failed to do so after attempting.

Manyaunyau has widely gained fame in Tanzania for his healing actions. It is also claimed he has the ability to identify and expose wizards who are destabilizing people’s lives through witchcraft.

It is understood that before embarking on a mission of healing, Manyaunyau often drinks a cat’s blood.

The most notable ‘miracle’ Manyaunyau performed is when he identified, exposed and killed a huge snake in Manzese Midzini, Dar es Salaam after the whole village complained of the horror it created among residents.

The snake was reported to be killing people mysteriously.