Why I don’t hide my relationship with ‘Melvin’- Catherine

Celebrated former Mother-in-Law actress, Catherine Kamau, known to many as Celina, has opened up about her relationship with former Tahidi High actor Philip Karanja alias Melvin, saying she is not secretive about their relationship.

Speaking to Sunday Nation’s Buzz, Catherine divulged intimate details of her life, among them her relationship with Philip.

She cited ‘being a perfect match’ as the main reason why she is not shy to let the whole world know about their connection.

“I think we are the perfect example that you can be in the spotlight and still be together, I mean look at Nameless and Wahu, I think we are the ‘Nameless and Wahu’ of the acting industry. He is part of my life and unfortunately my life is an open book,” she said.

“It’s just another aspect of my life that I can share with my fans.”

Catherine, however, revealed that unlike her bold and outspoken public character, her boyfriend Philip is very shy.

She further shared about her future plans with Philip, saying people will get to know about her wedding several weeks after it happened.

“If it’s a wedding, people will get to know about it weeks after it has happened. Right now I’m even thinking 100 people will do, somewhere very far; then we’ll share the photos later.”

Secret to her fountain of youth

Catherine revealed hitting the gym is the secret behind her toned curves and youthful looks.

“I’m doing it (working out) for health reasons, I don’t want to be skinny and I don’t want to die young. And of course when I wear that dress and there are no folds, I feel good.”

She said it is her boyfriend, a work out enthusiast, who motivated her to hit the gym.

Celina and Philip have been dating for over a year now, and their love ostensibly is getting stronger by the day.

She first made the relationship public in July 2014 through a social media post after she uploaded a photo she had taken with Philip with the caption: “Ladies and gentlemen, I found Mr Right.”

Since then, the two lovebirds have been together and have even set up a production company, Phil-It, alongside actor Abel Mutua alias Freddy.

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