#WCW: What it takes to date beautiful Hot 96 FM presenter Joey Muthengi

#WCW: What it takes to date beautiful Hot 96 FM presenter Joey Muthengi

She has many titles to her: a radio presenter, TV personality, VJ, and into this interview you’d learn she is a farmer, poet and writer.

Today’s #WCW, Joey Muthengi is a lady full of life, vitality, optimism and realism.

Citizen Digital spoke to the sultry lass and she shared quite a chunk about her life, journey in the media and relationship.

Here are 11 things you probably did not know about the Hot96 FM presenter:

1.       She spent part of her childhood in the U.S.

When you hear Joey speak, it won’t take forever to notice she has an American accent. It is not a fake one, but genuine; gotten from naturalization as she had spent her childhood in the United States.

The last born in a family of five, was born in Kijabe and later moved to the United States with her parents when she was 2 years old. Synonymous to many lastborns, her parents ‘spoilt’ her.

When she traveled back to Kenya, Joey admitted she found it hard adjusting to the country’s setting: “When I came back, my parents tried throwing me in those government schools, and I kept running away. So, they ended up taking me to a boarding school in Kijabe, Rift Valley.”

After completing her secondary education in Kenya, Joey moved to the U.S. for tertiary studies, where she studied a Bachelors degree in Communication and Business Management.

She worked in the states for one year before moving back to Kenya.

2.       She did a million screen tests for TV, but ended up in radio

The avid admirer of legendary media personality Catherine Kasavuli intimated that she had wished to be on TV, but did not get the break-through.

“I am definitely not doing what I thought I would be doing when I started. I was interested in reporting and anchoring; came back to Kenya, did a million screen tests at every single media house; but nothing was happening – perhaps they did not like the accent.”

She later joined Capital FM where she hosted the Show ‘Hits and Not Homework’.

3.       She is very reserved

When you meet and have a chat with her, you might mistake Joey for a spontaneous outgoing lady; no, she is not.

She disclosed: “I am very reserved and an extreme introvert. I cannot be around people for long hours without feeling tired; I prefer being myself – reading, writing, or watching something.”

“Though on air somebody may think I am the most sociable person; it’s simply because I love what I do; I come alive when there’s a microphone, a crowd,” she added.

“I am not the party maniac people think I am; so if you see me at a party all alone, don’t think I am snubbing you – that’s who I am.”

4.       She is a Pastor’s kid

Both of Joey’s parents are pastors, and so she together with her siblings grew up in a very conservative setting.

“I couldn’t wear trousers until I joined high school, I couldn’t paint my nails, do weaves. However, I could apply cutex on my nails in secret and then take it off when my mum was around.”

On the notion pastor’s  kids are cheekily notorious, she said: “Some of those things they say, are true; because you get so shouted so much and when you finally go out to the real world, you are like oh I can do all of these! I probably had my phases of that but I matured up.”

5.       She grew up a tomboy

When this writer met her, she was in a nicely fitting dress; nobody can for once imagine Joey was a tomboy during her childhood.

“I used to hang out with my brother (singer Holy Dave) a lot; I could wear his baggy clothes. I thought I was a boy for a period of time until I learnt to embrace my feminine side,” she said.

On her style, she said: “I won’t say I am the trendiest person, but would say my style is comfortable.”

Revealing the fashion statement she’d wish away, the radio beauty said: “Leggings and crop tops are a no for me. I don’t say they are bad, but the clothes are not meant for every body type. When I see larger women wearing skin tights, I don’t think it looks nice on most of them.”

6.       She cannot tolerate ‘substandard’ men

Joey is very categorical when it comes to choosing the man she would consider dating.

She intimated: “I think Kenyan women are to blame at times for dating the wrong men – we don’t set our standards as high as we should.”

You have to be sincere, loving and caring to date Joey Photo/Joey Muthengi
You have to be sincere, loving and caring to date Joey Photo/Joey Muthengi

What are these standards and qualities men should possess according to the radio girl?

“Be sincere in your relationship. Don’t just do the norm – if you are truly interested in this person, time is important; just put away your football for two hours, spend quality time with me when you are not on WhatsApp; it’s about where focus is.”

“I want to feel like those two hours we spent together, your focus was on me,” she added.

7.       She is single

A big shout to all men out there: Yippy! Joey is single.

She said: “I am the most single and very comfortable I have ever been; honestly I don’t even know if I can do a relationship right now – I am so happy where I am.”

But if she were to date, what would Joey detest?

“I wouldn’t tolerate a man who snoops on me; I think that is why I am so single. I value my personal space and freedom.”

“If I feel like you are encroaching in my space, then you are out; like I just can’t date you! Why should you look through my phone anyway?” she questioned.

8.       Joey prioritizes hygiene and self-drive qualities in a man

If you look at her nails, hair, eyebrows, dress and shoes; you’d note Joey is a clean spark. She says she wouldn’t settle on a man who does less than the effort she puts on grooming herself.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness for Joey Photo/Joey Muthengi
Cleanliness is next to Godliness for Joey Photo/Joey Muthengi

“I wouldn’t date a man whose hygiene is wanting; you got to shower, you got to groom yourself, you got to ensure you are all clean. If you are an adult, you should do adult things,” said Joey.

And what has she got to offer in return? “If there’s a genuine effort you are putting in, and you have a vision and a plan you are working on, I will appreciate you – in a couple of years, I want to be that person who stood by you.”

9.       She is a perfectionist

Joey does not settle for second position; her worst stand in everything she says is being the best.

“I am some sort of a control freak; when I see potential in something, I want to grow it – even at Hot 96 right now; I am coming in at a time I see potential.”

“The reception at Hot 96 has been great; I came in at a time team building was that weekend, and I got to know people. So far so good; I have been paired with Coco; he is insane, but I really like him.”

10.   She’d been a psychiatrist if not a presenter

Joey could have been reading through people’s minds had she not been the sweet voice behind the mic.

“I had started studying psychiatry before venturing into communication; I really wanted to be a therapist. I think it’s an interesting dynamic to get inside somebody’s head and try understand where everyone is coming from.”

11.  She is a farmer

Her rangi ya thao shouldn’t deceive you that Joey knows nothing about the shamba; she does!

“I have cows in Machakos that I like very much; my mum has a farm there. She keeps cows, goats and chicken. So I came to like dairy farming; I even know how to milk – 5AM is milking time for us. In fact after I left Ebru Africa, I moved there for a while.”