TPF star Msechu: If my wife cheats with 4000 men, I’d ask her to bathe we go home

TPF star Msechu: If my wife cheats with 4000 men, I’d ask her to bathe we go home

Tusker Project Fame (TPF) Season 4 first runner-up Peter Msechu has revealed he trusts and loves his wife ‘Mama Lolo’ to bits.

He says if he finds her with other men; he’ll forgive and accept her back.

Speaking to EATV’s E-News recently, the Tanzanian singer disclosed he has known his wife since 2002.

“I cannot leave a woman I have known for many years. Even if I find her in the act with 4000 men, I’ll tell her: ‘mum go take a shower and we go home,” he said.

“Life is good. I met the mother of my daughter in 2002. You can literally count how many years those are,” said Msechu.

“It is the same woman who told me, ‘my love, Bongo Star Search (BSS) singing competition will be held in Kigoma. If you’d manage to complete your form six exams, you can go try your luck. I know you sing very well in church.”

The encouragement by his wife made Msechu who was sitting for his examination not to complete writing his paper – he only answered one (exam question) – and left for Kigoma.

“After she’d informed me about BSS, I only answered one compulsory question in my Economics Paper 2. I then left immediately for Tanga. It is because of ‘Mama Lolo’ I auditioned and realised my talent in music; a career which brings food on the table to date,” stated Msechu.

The Nyota star went ahead to become the first runner-up in the 2009 Bongo Star Search singing competition.

The 27-year-old is known to proclaim his undying love for his wife.

He came into the Kenyan limelight in 2010 when he joined the ‘Tusker Project Fame’ season 4 as a contestant from Tanzania.

He became a favourite to many East Africans as he combined music with comic lighting up the TPF4 any time he got the chance.

Although he didn’t win, he lifted the runners-up trophy trouncing Steve and Ameleena to the third and fourth place respectively with Davis Ntare coming top.