Kidum gets saved, baptized by Gloria Muliro’s ex-husband

Kidum gets saved, baptized by Gloria Muliro’s ex-husband

Namba Moja hit-maker, Kidum, has surrendered his life to Christ and he has affirmed his new-found faith with a public Baptism officiated by Gloria Muliro’s ex-husband, Pastor Eric Omba.


On Monday, the pastor posted pictures of him baptizing the 41-year-old singer on social media.


“After getting saved, Kidum has now taken his salvation to the next level. I’m happy and grateful to be the one baptizing him. He has confirmed his love and salvation to Christ and the rest of the world,” Omba said.


Kidum released several gospel songs like Mungu Anaweza and Kimbia when he stepped into the music industry as a saved musician, and now he is back to Christ several years later.

Starting as a drummer at the age of ten, the Burundi-born singer was in several bands in his hometown.

He even joined one in Kenya called ‘Hot Rod Band’ before starting his own band ‘Boda Boda Band’ in 2004.

He has released other hit songs like Hali Na Mali, Mpenzi, Haturudi Nyuma with Juliana Kanyamozi and Nitafanya with Lady Jaydee

In May, Kidum also mentioned his six children with wife Francine who he said live and study in Kenya.

Kidum came to Kenya in 1995 as a refugee, seeking asylum from the political instabilities in his country. Since then, he has travelled to numerous countries promoting his music.

With his new-found salvation, will Kidum be releasing more gospel songs?

Only time will tell.

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