Pascal Tokodi, Grace Ekirapa open up about losing their first pregnancy

Pascal Tokodi, Grace Ekirapa open up about losing their first pregnancy

Pascal Tokodi and Grace Kirapa Photo:instagram/pascaltokodi

Celebrity couple, media personality Grace Ekirapa and actor Pascal Tokodi, who are expecting a baby, have revealed that they lost their first child.

The couple held a colorful baby thanksgiving for their second pregnancy on Saturday whose nitty gritties were captured in a video uploaded on Tokodi’s Youtube Channel.

The event, which had a black and white theme, brought together a small circle of family and friends. 

“This day was beautiful in every way. We chose to have a very intimate gathering because we needed to share that beautiful day with people who have in one way or another held our hands through this journey,” read Tokodi’s YouTube Page.

As he was giving his speech, Tokodi spoke about a particularly low moment after they lost their first child in June 2021. 

“It has been a tough journey...we are here now giving thanks. This is our second try, we lost our first try around June. It was hard...but we are here again and we thank God. With 8 months now...we’re going to 9 months...we are hoping for many more years," said Pascal Tokodi as his wife, who was by his side shed a few tears.

Despite the tribulations of the past year, Ekirapa said that the couple’s journey has been one of fulfillment. She said that when the going got tough, they resorted to prayer: "We prayed, we have cried, we have had our moments.”

“This one was different because we have had a journey that has been quite long but also fulfilling. Saying it is our baby's thanksgiving is because indeed we are where we are...our hearts are full. We have prayed, we have cried, we have had our moments...held hands and we have reached here," she said. 

An emotional Ekirapa explained that she decided to hold a thanksgiving event out of faith, despite the fact that the baby had not yet arrived..

"I am doing this by faith, same faith that has carried me through this journey," she said.

The couple also stated that their first child will be born on April 27, 2022.

 “April 27th, we’re believing we will receive our bundle of joy,” said Grace Ekirapa.

The couple, who announced that they were an item in December, 2020, after months of speculation online, did not reveal the gender of their bundle of joy.


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