'I'm not your kind of broke,' Juliani claps back at trolls who said he is struggling financially

'I'm not your kind of broke,' Juliani claps back at trolls who said he is struggling financially

Kenyan rapper Juliani

Kenyan rapper Juliani has hit back at critics trolling him on social media with claims that he has financial challenges. 

This is after the singer posted on his Twitter account Wednesday morning, pleading for M-pesa donations, claiming that he is "broke" and would need funds to purchase diapers for his son.

"Wase! Nikubaya niko broke! mtoi anahitaji pampers. Please send mpesa... Chochote unaeza itasaidia. Yours truly, Struggling rapper/entrepreneur," he wrote in his account.

His statement however sparked comments from tweeps, some being abrasive with their remarks and others making fun of him.

Hours later Juliani, in a rejoinder, welcomed the trolls, cautioning tweeps from going overboard because "it is serious to him".

The rapper explained that the reason he asked for funds is because he depleted his account on investments and setting up events that rendered him broke.

He further noted that he has not enjoyed the luxury of spending quality time with his son, as he would lik to, since his personal engagements have been more demanding.

"I don't mind trolls I actually find some of them funny. When my child was born I gave myself 3 to 6 months to just soak into this and help the mum and be present as a dad. But I couldn't because earlier that month I did an event called Nairobi Startup Week, I put all my money into in and if you've noticed, for the last three years anything that I have done I put money into it," he said in a video he posted online. 

"I don't have sponsors, I don't have investors, I don't have nothing, I put my money into this stuff, my small money."

Admitting that he is broke, Juliani clarified that he is "far from poor" and that he is not "your kind of broke" arguing that he still provides the basic needs for his family and he is "okay".

"Yes you can be making fun of it and its funny but for me it is serious because I am not spending enough time with my son and everything I have ever done I have never go sponsors to it, I have never gone for investors I put my money to it. So yes I am broke but I'm far from poor," said Juliani. 

"And right now the reason why I had to put the paybill number there is because you are calling me broke but I am not your kind of broke," he added.

"If you see me trying to run around I'm not just doing things for myself coz I am okay, I have a roof over my head, I can feed myself."

Juliani, however remaining optimistic, said that his financial status had impeded his aspirations in making more music and achieving the dream he has for his community.

"I have a dream for my community, provide 10,000 jobs, give artists loans based on their music, I want to release more music but I can't because the money that I have been investing for the last five years hasn't returned investments yet," he said.

"I gave myself 10 years and it's going to work but for me its a little bit serious so don't minimize what I'm trying to do just because you want to make people laugh." 


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