Hatuitishi ruhusa kuguza: Wakadinali rapper SewerSydaa clarifies controversial lyric

Hatuitishi ruhusa kuguza: Wakadinali rapper SewerSydaa clarifies controversial lyric

SewerSydaa, member of successful hiphop group Wakadinali, has come out to clarify parts of the 2021 hit song 'Geri Inegi' in which the trio raps about street rivalry, loyalty, run-ins with the law and the fatal consequences of snitching.

While speaking on the Mic Cheque podcast, SewerSydaa sought to clarify a particular line which caused online controversy immediately after the song was released, seeking to set the record straight and put the lyrics into context.

The line 'hatuitishi ruhusa kuguza' was widely interpreted by many as a sexually aggressive lyric intended to mean that the rappers did not need to seek consent before accessing a woman's body.

Two years after the song went on to become a near-classic in the annals of modern Kenyan hiphop, SewerSydaa said that the rappers were merely talking about the then government, which he said was taking public resources without consulting. 

The verse goes: "Bro na ki durag udungwa ana rock mboi/Boy/ Hatuitishi ruhusa kuguza/ Tunaishi nchi rais utundura/ Na ukisnitch juu ya clique unasundwa/ Shokde Lee tunakam kuchunguza...."

While defending it's meaning, Sewersyda said, "Hio point simaanishi ati dem ama nini. Namaanisha venye Uhuru (ule Prezzo wetu) alikuwa anachukua kitu yoyote yaani bila kutuuliza kitu yoyote yaani, unaona... Plus vile wanaiba saa hii wanaiba tu ivo ivo bila kutuuliza na sisi tumewaweka hapo. Hakuna permission.... "

About the latter part of the verse, SewerSydaa also clarified that he meant that anyone who snitches on the clique. 

"Shokde ni kesho, ukisnitch juu ya clique unasundwa... Lee funeral home... So, kesho lee tunakuja kukupata mahali umesundwa," he clarified.

Wakadinali is one of the biggest gangsta rap groups in Kenya whose music, mostly portrayed as promoting rowdiness and lawlessness, has become ubiquitous across the country.

Back in September, according to Spotify data, the group, also made up of rappers Scar Mkadinali and Domani Munga, emerged as the fifth most streamed hip-hop artists in Kenya only coming behind globally-renowned heavyweights, Drake, Burna Boy, 21 Savage and Metro Boomin.

Nicknamed 'Rongo Rende', Wakadinali are to this generation what Kalamashaka and Ukoo Flani are to people born in the 80s, with their drill music and gritty lyrics capturing the imagination of millions of youthful Kenyan fans.


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