Forget computer classes, here are 4 things to do after Form 4

Forget computer classes, here are 4 things to do after Form 4

After completing their high school education most people run to do the obvious: computer and driving classes. Studying international languages, such as French and German, is also quite popular with school leavers.

Now that exam results have been released, many young people are left wondering about what they should do with themselves.

Well, what next before everyone runs off to campus and different places?

What people don’t know is that there are many constructive ways to spend your time, now that they are out of school. Below are some examples: 

1. Work on your talents

Different people are gifted differently, and you could spend this time honing your gifts. You might be good at photography, cooking, dancing or even playing a musical instrument.

Well, this is the perfect time to work on it. Dedicate your time to perfecting what you love doing. Join a short course or apply for a course that will make you achieve the excellence that you are looking for.


 2. Giving back to the community

Being involved in charity work is a rewarding thing to both you and the person you are helping. Visiting children’s homes, hospitals, the elderly and helping them out is a way of giving back to the society.

One can even think of enrolling with the Red Cross Society where you can work in various teams such as: first aid, disaster response, food aid etc.

3. Enrolling for online courses

With the advancement of e-learning technology, different institutions have been able to put up different courses online that people can be able to do for free.

Upon completion of a specific course of interest, one can even end up getting a certificate that can be used to beef up your CV.

4. Look for a job 

A job, however “small”, makes one responsible and gives one the ability to know how to handle different people and situations in life. This experience will develop your character, giving you an opportunity to gain people skills and work ethic.

A good job will enable you to learn a lot, giving you an opportunity to make some money as you wait to join college.

People however should not concentrate so much on the job and forget that they were supposed to further their studies.



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