Fan tattoos comedian Abel Mutua's name on her arm: 'Mkurugenzi'

Fan tattoos comedian Abel Mutua's name on her arm: 'Mkurugenzi'

A fan has tattooed the name 'Mkurugenzi' across their arm to show love and support for Abel Mutua, a Kenyan actor, screenwriter, content creator, and storyteller.

The actor, who is also the co-founder of Phil-It Productions, took to Instagram on Saturday to express his gratitude to one of his adoring fans.

The overjoyed actor stated that it was clear that his fans are not joking and that, in the midst of all the love he has received, anyone who does not love him is wasting their emotions.

 “Mi Saa hii Hakuna kitu mnaniambia. Kikosi yangu nayo haijui jokes. Kama haunipendi imagine nipende tu. Hate yako katikati ya Hii love yote is just a waste of emotions. Nipende gathee!!!!” Wrote Abel.

When he began his plethora of storytelling shows on YouTube in 2020, the self-proclaimed storyteller extraordinaire went by the moniker 'Mkurugenzi.'

Mkurugenzi, the jack of all trades, now introduces himself as Mkurugenzi, and his fans as 'Wakurugenzi.'

Only his fans are aware of the actor's signature words, one of which is "Utafraaaia," which means "you will not like what will happen next."

Another word Mutua uses to indicate to his fans that he is about to tell a gripping story is "I got you."

Abel Mutua's YouTube channel features shows such as Celebrity First Encounters, Stories of My Life, Young and Stupid, and Headline Hitters.

The YouTube shows have now given birth to a new show in which the storyteller visits various cities across the country and provides his fans with a live storytelling experience.


Abel Mutua

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