Diamond trolled for ‘murdering English’ in ‘Young, Famous & African’ series

Diamond trolled for ‘murdering English’ in ‘Young, Famous & African’ series

Tanzanian Bongo star Diamond Platnumz has been the talk of town for the past two days following the premiere of Young, Famous & African, in which he is cast.

In one of the show's scenes, the "Tetema" hitmaker was asked his age by South African songwriter Nadai Nakai, to which he replied, "I'm 31st."

Nadia asked, “How old are you? Why do you have to think about it?” Diamond answered, “No I’m not thinking about it, I was just untying my button….I’m 31st”.

A few Kenyans took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the Tanzanian singer's below par English usage. 

Some Kenyans, on the other hand, claimed that the statement was fabricated to promote the show.

Others, however, believe that the precision of one's English language does not determine one's intelligence.

These are some of the reactions from Kenyans:

A Twitter user by the name @iamBillTali wrote, “Diamond: I'm untying my 'burron' then adds "I'm 31st"

@MusirFayol said, “The problem is not him not knowing English but him trying to act like he speaks American English to show people how cool he is.”

“Atleast he made people talk about the show, Aaaah tutajificha wapi jamani,” said @AdahRessy.

@ShankiAustine said, “But that 31st was scripted.”

@Gladys58340186 was of the opinion that, “English came by ship bruh!  also, take note that not all linguists or well schooled have achieved what Diamond, Steve Jobs, Sir Richard Branson Et al have……. Endelea kujichekelea…”

According to @Awuor__“Maybe he meant he's in his 31st year on earth😂. But seriously, the guy knows Swahili more than most of us, but we are here making fun of him for not knowing English. The same way we don't know Swahili as much as him is the same way he may not know English as much.”

@Dreymwangi wrote, “Why are you mocking Diamond for not having proper English but he's fluent in Kiswahili? Okay tell JAY Z to speak in fluent Swahili then.”

Young, Famous & African premiered on Netflix on March, 18, 2022.

The show features some of the most famous stars in Africa, including, Tanzanian Diamond Platnumz, Nigerian power couple 2Baba and Annie Macaulay-Idibia, rapper Nadia Nakai and businesswoman Zari 'The Bosslady' Hassan, among others.


Diamond Platnumz

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