Chipukeezy opens up about his connection to Wema Sepetu

Chipukeezy opens up about his connection to Wema Sepetu

Top Kenyan comedian Chipukeezy has revealed that he is the country’s “brand ambassador” of Wema Sepetu’s recently launched lipstick line Kiss.

Sections of social media users were recently left guessing after the funnyman shared on his Instagram timeline images of Wema’s lipstick brand.

So just how did he get this position?

“I travel quite a lot. One day when I was in Tanzania, I bumped into Wema’s management who informed me about her new product. The team requested if I could use my social media platforms to market Wema’s lipstick brand in Kenya. I agreed, and that explains why I shared photos of her lipstick line on my social media platforms,” Chipukeezy told Citizen Digital.

The Itakuwaje comic said he hasn’t met the former Miss Tanzania yet.

What does he get from Wema in return?

“I am a brand. It is the dream of everyone in business to have his name grow regionally if not internationally. Wema also gave me mentions on her social media pages and to me that means a lot for my breakthrough in the Tanzanian market; especially considering the influence she wields,” said Chipukeezy.

Chipukeezy to bring Idris Sultan to Kenya

The Kimondio comic star will host a comedy concert that will take place on Tuesday, April 5 at the Kenya National Theatre and Wema Sepetu’s love interest Idris Sultan will be present.

Chipukeezy says he has organised the concert to bring together comedy talents from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and other Eastern Africa nations.

Comedians Eric Omondi, David the Student, Eddie Buttita, Dr. Ofweneke, Alex Muhangi, Captain Khalid, Cotilda and Arthur will grace the event.

“My main objective is to introduce international comedians to Kenyans, and bring together people who have a passion for comedy. I really want our local comedy talent to learn from artists of other nations. For a long time, comedy in Kenya has been confined to tribal Swahili jokes,” he explained.

The funnyman says that for Kenyans to break into the international market, they must up their game.

“…for one to penetrate into an international market he or she should adopt a language and structure that is understood by an international audience; hence my advocacy for diverse, creative and fresh jokes done in English. Idris, who unknown to many as a comedian, will headline the show,” said Chipukeezy.

Charges are: Ksh1000 advanced and Ksh1500 at the gate.


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