Celebrity Confessions: I dated many women simultaneously – Tahidi High’s Abel ‘Freddie’ Mutua

Celebrity Confessions: I dated many women simultaneously – Tahidi High’s Abel ‘Freddie’ Mutua

Actor Abel Mutua, better known to many as Freddie of Citizen Television’s hit prime-time show Tahidi High, has revealed that one of his regrets in life is dating many women when he was younger.

The Makueni Boys’ High School alumnus says he was quite the ladies’ man as a teen.

“I attended every school function – including Christian Union, YCS… Interestingly my motivation was not the agenda of the funkies – it was to socialize with girls. Ufisi tu!” Abel told Citizen Digital.

“I had a girlfriend in almost every girls’ school. After attending school functions, several weeks later I would receive a huge heap of letters. If you saw a stack of mail addressed to students’ body in my school, you’d be sure that three quarters of them were mine,” he recounted.

“I remember of a particular incident in high school when I did something very stupid. I simultaneously dated quite a number of girls from different secondary schools. So, this particular day one of my girlfriends sent me a letter via Posta. The postal stamps were pretty expensive back then, and there’s no way I would spend Ksh21 on stamps alone; just to send a letter to a girl – what for? So when I got a letter from Limuru Girls’, I plucked off the stamp and erased the name of the sending station (Limuru) using tooth paste,” he told.

But his ‘wisdom’ would soon make him look quite unwise.

“I wrote a letter and addressed it to my other girlfriend in Kitui. She was arrested and told: ‘Your man is stupid; he couldn’t even use the tooth paste skillfully. We can see that this stamp has Limuru on it. He got a letter from Limuru; he rubbed the original station’s stamp and sent you this mail.’”

This imprudence got Abel dumped.

“She (Kitui girlfriend) called me and asked if I had sent her a letter with a used stamp – from Limuru Girls’ student Salma. She knew I was also dating Salma…I confessed and told her saying that: ‘There is plenty of me to go around.’ She left me. I was silly, I was stupid then,” said Abel.

They say every bad boy has a soft spot for one of the many women he dates; Abel attests to this theory.

“Amidst all this hullabaloo of having a girl in almost every county, I had the main one whom I loved. She was studying at Precious Blood Riruta. We were childhood friends, and we grew up together. After completing secondary school, she re-evaluated me and was not happy with the life I lived; she consequently left me,” Abel divulged.

“She texted me: ‘My dear, I think we are flogging a dead horse, me and you can no longer date.’ That break-up hurt me. I kid you not, the next woman I met and dated is my now wife. We are happy together and are blessed with a six-year-old daughter in our eight years of union,” he narrated.