After 3 kids, this is how Judge Joan got her body back

After 3 kids, this is how Judge Joan got her body back

Many women struggle to lose baby weight after delivering a bundle of joy, especially around the midsection.

From wearing corsets to adhering to punishing diets, mums have been known to try almost anything in a bid to shed the extra kilos.

Sakata Mashariki’s Judge Joan has, however, managed to keep trim after not one but three pregnancies.

The married mother of three, who recently delivered her third child, a son called Rainn, has gotten her body back after a remarkably short time.

Speaking exclusively to Citizen Digital, the Bermuda-born beauty shared her postpartum weight loss tips:


“I came to find out that nursing actually helps to lose weight. Women should make sure that they always breastfeed their babies and they can be surprised how it can help them lose weight.”

Eating more

Now when you ask me, this one right here sounds counterproductive.

But Judge Joan has her reasons:  “Eat as much as you can for the sake of your body. Even if you get to eat that much, your body has already set itself and knows that you are nursing so the food will not just be stored in your body. It will be automatically that the food eaten will be used.”


“Yoga really helped me to get back into shape. All those stretches really help the weight fall off quicker. Additionally, 2-3 weeks after I had baby Rainn, I started doing small dance moves in the house. Nothing big like heavy aerobics because I delivered via c-section,” she said.


“I take a lot of vitamins; however, I really watch what I eat. For example, I do not take things such as crisps or sodas.”

“I also keep off wheat products completely, well the gluten free part has always been me,” she explained.

Being happy

Aside from exercise, breastfeeding and diet, your state of mind also affects your weight loss.

“Being happy with your body also makes a difference. Make sure you also live your life and enjoy it!” she said.

Speaking to Citizen Digital, in an exclusive interview, the gorgeous mother of three revealed that when she came to Kenya from Bermuda it was a kind of a stereotype to be a mother and you are dancing.




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