Adele’s new bodyguard ‘wakes up’ social media with his looks

Adele’s new bodyguard ‘wakes up’ social media with his looks

With Adele’s hit song Hello and her newly released album ‘25’, which has sold more than three million copies in less than a week, it is no wonder that she got a new bodyguard.

However, her new bodyguard, Peter Van Der Veen might be getting her more attention than her music.

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He is the epitome of setting fire to the rain, stirring up a storm on social media.

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The reaction to the bodyguard is similar to the attention that convicted felon Jeremy Meeks’ sparked after Stockton police released his mug shot on Facebook last year and millions of women around the world shared comments on his good looks.

Veen has previously worked with Iggy Azalea and for Lady Gaga between 2010 and 2015.

He even provided vocals for Gaga when the pop star needed a robotic-sounding voice on her track Government Hooker in the album Born This Way.


Veen belongs to a personal protection agency that provides personal security for the rich and famous.

Although he works for celebrities, he is a celebrity in his own right, a body builder from Holland; he was crowned as Mr. Europe in 2005

The Dutch born security guard also did modeling in his native country.

His Chiseled jaw, shaved head, striking blue-eyes and muscular physique have made Adele gain even more fans and they are not shy about saying what they think about the new addition to the Adele Fraternity.

— Dolly L (@_AishaBlanco) November 28, 2015

Adele is known to be one of the most private stars in the world and she takes her security very seriously, so, she must really trust her European security guard who has been by her side 24/7.

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Veen has also been spotted protecting her family around the world recently.