Uber kicks off courier services on hailing app

Uber has announced the launch of Uber Connect- a feature allowing users to send packages through its ride hailing application.

The new service by the giant ride hailing company is set to unlock new earning opportunities to both itself and drivers employing the digital platform.

“During this crisis, we have been working around the clock to find innovative ways to leverage our technology to assist consumers to move essential care packages while also enhancing earnings opportunities for drivers on our platform. With virtual gatherings becoming the new reality, special occasions and family traditions can still be memorable as Uber connects loved ones by moving what matters,” said Uber Kenya Country Manager Brian Njao.

The company seeks to provide a same-day cost effective and non-contact delivery solution to sending courier packages.

Uber will seek to leverage the rise of online shopping in recent months to drive growth for the new service.

The company already employs its ride-hailing platform for the order and delivery of food items through Uber Eats.

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