Over 70 leaders to speak at the 2020 U.S Diaspora and Trade Deal Event

Over 70 leaders to speak at the 2020 U.S Diaspora and Trade Deal Event

Over 70 speakers from across the world are set to grace this year’s U.S Diaspora and Trade Deal Event (DITDE) which will facilitate a new narrative of engagement between the Africa Diaspora and Africa through trade and investment.

The event which is scheduled to take place virtually between September 21–25 will present opportunities for business to business engagement and with national initiatives of Africa countries.

“Participants will gain an understanding of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement and U.S programs such as Prosper Africa, Power Africa and AGOA,” said the event organizers in a press statement.

Through curated deal rooms, businesses will have bilateral meetings to explore and consummate transactions.

A selection of U.S minority and diaspora-owned businesses and African SMEs will receive curated matches to investors, tech transfers, talent and advisory recruitment to help grow their businesses.

Highlighted sectors include: Technology, Finance, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Real Estate, Health Care,
Manufacturing, Energy, Service Trade and Entertainment.

Confirmed keynote address speakers include, H.E. Nana Akufo-Addo, President of Ghana, Mr. Uche Orji, CEO and MD, NSIA, Hon. Kyle McCarter, U.S Ambassador, Kenya, Mr. David J. Byrd, MBDA National Director, Mr. Robert Greene, CEO, NAIC, Ms. Angela Miller-May, CIO, Chicago Teachers Pension Fund and many other key business leaders from different sectors highlighted above.

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