Multichoice partners with UN to switch off misinformation

The continental based Multichoice Group has teamed up the United Nations in supporting its global COVID-19  awareness campaign launched on Tuesday.

Dubbed Pause, the campaign highlights the dangers of sharing false information related to the ensuing pandemic encouraging individuals to think through messages before sharing the information.

“We are in a moment of global reckoning as COVID-19 and its social and economic consequences challenge the world in unprecedented ways. Misinformation, hate speech and fake news are fuelling and distorting all of these challenges and eroding the truth,” said Robert Skinner a Senior Adviser for Global Communications at the United Nations.

The Group will use its platforms to combat the spread of misinformation including the airing of educational content and news to impact communities on where it operates.

“The dissemination of credible information has become critical to fighting this epidemic which continues to impact millions across the globe and our continent. We are therefore honoured to be able to utilise the continental reach of our broadcast and digital platforms across Africa to empower people with vital information” said MultiChoice Group Executive Chairman Imtiaz Patel.