KWS stops use of Euro, British pound in parks

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has discontinued the use of the Euro and British sterling pound in transacting its business including the processing of park entry fees.

The state corporation has at the same time upheld the Kenyan shilling and US dollar as the only valid legal tender at national parks and game reserves.

“This means that KWS shall henceforth transact in two currencies only; Kenya Shillings (Kes) and United States Dollars ($),” KWS said in a statement.

While the KWS did not immediately disclose its decision to drop the Eurozone currencies from use, the move is expected to see visitors convert their euro denominated sums into either US dollars or Kenyan shillings before transacting in the wild conservancies.

However, the cashless mode of transaction remains available to visitors including the use of Safaricom M-Pesa, Visa and Master Card credit cards and corporate cheques.

KWS has been encouraging the adoption of cashless payments with a means to ease the accessibility to parks.

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