ICT ministry to centralize Govt. tech procurement

The procurement of ICT goods and services by all government ministries and state corporations will be handled by the ministry of ICT from July this year.

This in a bid to ensure the standardization of ICT equipment avoids duplication of ICT projects and wastage of resources.

According to the ministry of ICT, all state procurement entities will now be required to submit their plans to his docket for consolidation before the purchase.

ICT cabinet secretary Joe Mucheru said standardizing government procurement will lower the high costs incurred with purchase of equipment and systems with the government able to negotiate better deals.

The centralized procurement will also address challenges experienced by ICT in the public sector among them the duplication of ICT projects, noncompliance with standards, waste of resources and exposure to security threats because of use of illegal and unauthorized software.

“Procurement of equipment that does not meet standards is not only a drain to public resources but also gives us poor image in the eyes of the public,” Mr Mucheru said.

The ministry of ICT has finalized plans to start acquiring ICT equipment and services on behalf of user ministries as from the 2018/2019 financial year that begins this July.

“We have already put in place strategies so that the new approach does not cause delays,” he added.