Gov’t wants to see a Kenyan as Safaricom CEO

The government is insisting that a Kenyan should fill the now vacant Safaricom CEO post after the demise of Bob Collymore.

ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru has maintained his position on the succession debate.

“I don’t think the government position has changed, we would still love to see a Kenyan. However like any other company, they (Safaricom) have a choice as to who they want to be their CEO,” Mucheru told Citizen Digital.

Mucheru’s remarks came at a time when there is high expectation that a Kenyan will take over at the helm of the giant telco operator.

According to the popular ‘public opinion court’ represented by social media inter-webs, Safaricom Chief Customer Officer Sylvia Mulinge makes for the plausible appointee to the role.

CS Mucheru meanwhile refused to be dragged into the murk, passing the buck of responsibility back to the managers of the publicly listed firm.

On Tuesday, the Safaricom Board announced that former Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph would head the telco albeit on an interim basis.

“It’s not as if the company is crippled. Having Michael is a bonus for us as he has been there before and it gives Safaricom time to pick the right person to run the business,” he added.

Sources from the expansive financial services sector however deem the interim appointment as shilly-shally.

Apparently the Board is well in the know of who the new appointee is amidst a contest pitting the government and Vodacom, Safaricom’s majority shareholder.

It is said that Joseph makes for a neutral appointee as the Board works to extinguish fires emanating from the prevailing shareholder clash.

Collymore’s death opened the door for fresh speculation on who will take the top seat at the company reigniting fires from the recently reported row earlier in the year.

In April, Reuters reported that Collymore planned to step down in August for health reasons but the government’s insistence that he be succeeded by a Kenyan had delayed announcement of a replacement.

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