Govt mulls lowering second hand car import age limit

The cost of importing second hand cars into the country could soon rise as the government mulls plans to lower the age limit for used cars.

This as the government throws its support towards local car assembly as more car makers set up base in the country.

Industrialization CS Adan Mohamed said the government will formulate a policy to lower the age limit from the current eight years to allow domestic assemblers to compete more effectively in an effort to support local industry.

“We need to change the motor vehicle entry program for second hand vehicles into our country to make sure that the age of vehicles coming here is much shorter than it currently is,” Mr Mohamed said.

“I know it’s a sensitive issue and that people need cars to get from one point to another,” he added during the opening of spare parts manufacturing plant by Autosprings East Africa.

Since 2016 Volkswagen and Peugeot have set up local assembly plants with Japanese car maker Toyota also locally assembling a number of its vehicle models.

Mr Mohamed said the ministry would engage motor vehicle stakeholders as they seek to impose age limits on second-hand vehicle imports.

The plan is to have vehicle manufactures increase the number of locally produced cars to justify the reduction in the import age limit rule.

“The challenge is on the current motor vehicle assemblers. As we see additional increase in production of new vehicles then we will reduce the age of second hand cars that are coming,” Mr Mohamed said.

Second hand cars are popular with Kenyan motorists, majority of who prefer used cars due to their affordability.

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